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IHT - Innovative Home Technology

At IHT - INNOVATIVE HOME TECHNOLOGY we seek to present to our customers and markets not only a varied, comprehensive, high quality and durability range of products, but also constructive technical solutions that optimize the assembly process and that contribute with even more quality and versatility to the final result of the project.

The CDECK, CWALL and CFENCE system are based on a patented, screw-free Quick-Fix solution that allows a faster and easier assembly with the consequent cost optimization of the final solution. In addition, the system allows easy and comfortable dismantling and reassembling of the elements for possible interventions.

It allows us to present solutions for the most daring and technically demanding designs of composite decking for the exterior, for your garden, public or private, for leisure areas, residential or commercial use, composite decks in areas with more aggressive environments such as swimming pools, with very high or very low temperatures... for the execution of cladding of facades, fences, planters, benches, delimiters... a little of everything your imagination might want to execute!

And it doesn’t end here.

Guided by solid environmental values, we seek through the development of materials and solutions of high performance and efficiency, to ensure the sustainability of natural resources, without compromising the quality of human life.

And in line with the guiding principles of the intervention of IHT - INNOVATIVE HOME TECHNOLOGY we have designed CGARDEN, a unique biological vegetable garden, patented, developed and manufactured entirely in Portugal and that allows to grow healthy and tasty organic fruits and vegetables.

The CGARDEN is a way of being, it is a statement, it means to take a conscious view that our planet needs help and that we as a society need to change, we need to work to ensure a future for the next generations.

Having a CGARDEN means becoming aware of this reality, becoming part of the solution and no longer being part of the problem!

About us

IHT is a company with 100% Portuguese capital, dedicated to the development, production and marketing of innovative solutions for construction.