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Presentation Video of CDECK WUUDE composite deck (Audio in EN)
CDECK WUUDE - Presentation Video




A CDECK natural evolution

Discover the IHT composite deck and the revolutionary CDECK WUUDE range. With innovative design, this composite decking is extremely resilient and durable.

The perfect combination of style, quality, and longevity.


CDECK WUUDE composite deck boards in Nordic Oak color


01. Unique, like Nature

The singularity of Nature is what makes it so fascinating and inspiring, there are no two trees or two leaves alike.

Just like nature, CDECK WUUDE composite deck is a unique product that features random color variations, giving it an organic and natural finish.

Each board is a unique masterpiece, designed to bring natural beauty to any space.


A girl lying comfortably on the CDECK WUUDE composite deck, in the American Walnut color.


02. Comfortable & Safe

Thanks to its shape and microtextured finish, the CDECK WUUDE composite deck adapts to the anatomy of the feet, providing a unique and extremely pleasant sensation.

Free from splinters and screws, it offers maximum safety even when wet (Class C3).

Cleaning CDECK WUUDE composite deck is easy. Coffee, juice, roast chicken, and red wine stains can be cleaned using water and a mild detergent. Apply the cleaning solution to the affected area, gently scrub with a soft brush, and rinse with water.


03. Easy to Clean & Maintain

The CDECK WUUDE composite deck features a waterproof coating that prevents the absorption of liquids and other substances, making cleaning and maintenance of the deck an easy and simple task.

Its patented fastening system allows for individual opening and lifting of the deck boards, facilitating easy access for maintenance or deeper cleaning.

Analogia entre um diamante e o deck composito cdeck wuude. Pois o diamente é a pedra mais resistente, assim como o cdeck wuude. Que é um deck resistente e durável


04. Durable & Long-lasting

Developed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, CDECK WUUDE composite deck is manufactured with high-performance materials that ensure strength, color stability, and durability.

These features, combined with its patented fixing system, provide the deck with a limited warranty of up to 25 years and a substantially longer expected lifespan.

Photograph of Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright
Fallingwater House - Frank Lloyd Wright


05. Simple solution for challenging projects

The CDECK WUUDE composite deck range offers complete solutions for various applications.

It utilizes the patented Quick-Fix fixing system, based on PVC and Aluminum profiles, clips, and special bases, which make installation up to 3x faster and allow for individual opening and lifting of the deck boards.

Its simplicity of installation makes it the ideal solution for both professionals and those who want to venture into DIY projects.




Nordic Oak

CDECK WUUDE Natural Beech

Natural Beech


Soft Oak

CDECK WUUDE American Walnut

American Walnut


Dark Walnut

What are the advantages of CDECK WUUDE composite decking?

No, CDECK WUUDE composite decking does not require treatments with oils or other products, it just needs to be cleaned regularly. This means there are no additional expenses over its lifetime.


Yes. Due to its composition, the components used in its manufacturing, the manufacturing process, and the installation system, the CDECK WUUDE composite deck will last longer. For example, since the supports are made of PVC, they will not rot or transfer moisture to the boards.

The CDECK WUUDE composite deck does not create splinters, does not chip, and does not have screws or nails on its surface. You can walk on it safely, even barefoot. If safety is a priority for you, CDECK has a class 3 (highest) rating for slip resistance tests, making it suitable for areas with steep slopes or around pools. 

Yes, CDECK WUUDE is the ideal choice as a deck for pools. It offers safety features such as slip resistance and no splintering, ensuring comfort even when walking barefoot. It is also highly resistant to weather elements and the products commonly used in pool water treatment.

With a range of installation and finishing accessories available, it will create the perfect combination for your outdoor space.

The CDECK WUUDE composite deck is resistant to the products used in treating the water in your pool.

Indeed, the CDECK WUUDE is a unique composite deck in the market, adaptable to various installation and usage scenarios.

It is a deck with excellent mechanical characteristics, robust, resistant to scratches and environmental agents, easy to install and maintain, attractive, modern, and innovative.

Its patented clipping installation system (with PVC supports that do not deteriorate and intermediate clips that allow the system to float), high-performance composite, manufacturing quality, attention to detail, and a range that can meet even the most demanding projects ensure the longevity of the deck and a commitment for a lifetime.

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